Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One more reason to buy a long arm quilting machine (as if you need one more!)

dragonflies-26_t450 As if I needed one more reason to be jealous of quilters who own mid or long arm quilting machines, I now have a new one. I discovered Urban Elementz, the web site of Patricia Ritter, a quilt pantograph designer.


What quilt wouldn’t benefit from one of Ritter’s beautiful nature-inspired designs? Urban Elementz logo states “inspired by nature… created by hand” and this is evident in every design.  The style of these designs is described as “modern and elegant” and you can see this beautifully illustrated in the Dragonflies design to the left and the Belleflower design shown to the right.

Unique to the Urban Elementz web site is the monthly subscription service called “Essential Elementz”. Members enjoy discounts on pantographs and regularly receive new pantographs in the mail.

So if you’re one of the fortunate to own your own quilting machine, do check out the pantographs and design boards at Urban Elementz. Or, like me, suggest the site to your favorite long arm quilter!


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Daniel Purcell said...

Great post. I know Patricia from Urban Elementz very well. She is creative, fun, and an easy-going type of person.