Monday, June 8, 2009

Etsy for Quilters

When you think of Etsy, do you think of beautiful jewelry, handmade crafts, and original and sometimes quirky handmade items? That’s true, there are plenty of those items on Etsy. But Etsy can also be a wonderful shopping resource for quilters. Here’s the first in a new weekly series called “Etsy for Quilters”. Below the photos you will find a list of product names and a link to the Etsy store where you can purchase the product. Enjoy!



Out of the Blue Baby Quilt pattern – Blue Meadow Designs

100 Caliente Neon Small to Medium Buttons - Miriiam on Etsy

Four Paper Pieced Floral Blocks in PDF Form – Piece by Number

18 x 18 hand dyed muslin – Goat Mountain Arts

Set of 12 Printable Labels for the Sewing Room – Hudson’s Holidays

Scissor Fobs – Josmund on Etsy

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