Saturday, January 24, 2009

Internet Toys and Tools for the Quilter

What’s that color? Do you know the difference between “Sea Green” and “Sap Green”? And exactly what color is “Cerulean”? You can now find out by going here and clicking on any color Color Wheelname in the column on the left – then watch your screen turn that color. Should your next quilt block swap call for “Naples Yellow Deep”, you’ll be ready!

Quiltopia offers a fun web tool called a Quilt Block Designer. It’s fun just sitting and thinking up a new quilt block and who knows, you may just find inspiration for your next quilt project!

Big Huge Labs has a truly unique color tool that is very helpful to those quilters (like myself) who are color-choosing-impared and want to do something other than pick out a border fabric and match the colors in it. If the creativity gene is missing in your DNA, try this Color Palette Generator. Simply upload any photo you think has pleasing colors, and this little gem of a tool will show you the true colors in your photo. Transfer that knowledge to your next fabric choices and your friends will think you’re a color-whiz!

And just to put the FUN in your day, do check out this free online game called Patchworkz. Warning – It’s addictive!

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