Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Quilt Blocks and Projects for Valentine’s Day

feb05blkValentine’s Day is approaching, and it’s a holiday that lends itself to the art of quilting. Whether creating a fabric postcard or a heart-themed wall hanging, nothing says “I Love You” more than a quilted creation by you.

Here are some Valentine’s Day themed quilt blocks from around the ‘net:

Download this Heart Template to use in so many ways!

And, of course, ANY quilt block will be suitable if you dive into your stash and pull out those Valentine fabrics you have tucked away! Valentine’s Day can be a good excuse to do some stash-busting! Here are some sewing-related projects for Valentine’s Day:

6 1/2 inch heart-shaped “pillow” – stuff with some lavender - So sweet!

Valentine Ideas from Blog Land



Anonymous said...

My family put together a Heart Quilt for an aunt whose husband passed away. I posted PDFs for paper piecing of eight different 6" finished hearts. You can find them here.

quilting forum said...

wow thanks for sharing this quilt.