Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day - the start of Quilting Season?

I hope everyone in the US is looking forward to an enjoyable, relaxing Labor Day Weekend. For any members living in or with family members in our Gulf Coast region, our thoughts and prayers are with you as Hurricane Gustav approaches your area. Please stay safe.

To Americans, Labor Day is a sign of the end of summer, beginning of the new school year, and the first step towards the Fall season. I wonder if it can also be considered the opening of "Quilting Season" as we quilters suddenly realize how close the holidays are fast approaching!

Start "The Quilting Season" off on the right foot this year by joining our Quilt Room Organization (and cleaning) Challenge on Tuesday, September 2nd and will end on Tuesday, November 4. It's difficult to be productive and/or creative in a cluttered space. Much time is wasted looking for that ruler you know you own but can't find, or that thread that you know you saw last week. We'll take on just one task a week, and you'll have one week to complete the task. Even if you complete just one or two of the tasks along the way, this is definitely a case of "some is better than none"!!

How creative could you be if your fabric was sorted and folded by color or theme? How productive could you be if your rulers were neatly lined up, your rotary cutter next to your cutting mat, your threads displayed and ready to match to fabric?

Close your eyes and picture the "zen" of walking into an organized, clean, relaxing quilting space. Your sewing machine sits on a large clean surface; your fabric is displayed in such a pleasing manner it is almost like looking at art displayed on your wall. The quilt you are working on sits with all it's accompanying patterns and fabrics in a basket marked "current project". Sound too good to be true? Possibly! But it sure is a picture worth dreaming about and striving for!

Take time this weekend to stand in the middle of your quilting room/sewing space and take photos of the entire room. It's amazing how photos show every wart and bump and piece of fabric on the floor. This will be a good reference/starting point in deciding what areas need the most attention.

"Every step you take, is a step away from where you used to be."
-- Brian Chargualaf