Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quilting Goodness from around the ‘Net

So many quilty things going on around the Internet these days it’s a wonder I ever get any quilting done. Oh wait – I don’t. So maybe if I run down my current “Share This” list with you, I can go about my business and sew for the day today!

shirts What’s the name of this blog? Quilting on a BUDGET. As in… trying to keep this great craft affordable for you, for me, for everyone who quilts. What’s the original economical way to quilt? Old clothes, of course! Although we now call them “recycled” or “upcycled” clothing. Whatever you call it, head over to the Bloomin’ Workshop web site and read about her planned August quilt-along – making a quilt from men’s shirts! Leave Anita a comment and let her know you’re interested in the Quilt-Along.

Where do you find clean, used cotton men’s shirts? Yard sales, Goodwill, flea markets, thrift stores, and your husband’s or father’s closet. You might also try posting a WANTED ad on Craig’s List or on your local Freecycle group. You can find used men’s shirts on Ebay, but unless you can find someone selling locally that will let you pick the shirt(s) up, shipping fees might make it less feasible than the alternatives.

OK, I can check that one off my list… let’s see what else is on here. Ah, some DIY projects….

One of the most asked questions I get is about storage in the quilting room/ sewing space. Aside from spending a zillion dollars on custom cabinets (Note to any custom cabinet makers reading this: Want to sponsor a QOB GiveAway? I will need to review your product first. Email me and I will send you my quilt room specs and we can set up a day for installation.), DIY projects are the affordable way to go.


Five yardsticks, a piece of plywood, some wood glue and coat rack hooks is all that’s required to make this “project-in-progress hanging system”. You can get the full set of instructions at They cut the yardsticks off at 24 inches, but I would use the full 36 inches and kidlet add more hooks! Combine this great coat rack with these adorable hanging storage bags  you can make from your stash. This great idea comes from the very creative web site, JCasa *Handmade. She generously offers a tutorial for this project here.

You make the coat rack, you make four or five of the bags, and you have a visually pleasing way to store your current projects!

phone_book_pencil_cup_29-300x300 And speaking of recycling –you know that stack of phonebooks you have that are out of date but you hate to throw them out just because they’re SO big and the 2009 edition might not have THAT phone number that was in the 2003 edition? Live dangerously. Get rid of the phone book. But don’t just toss it – make this Pencil (Scissors, seam ripper) holder with it! You can find complete instructions over at the great web site Chica and Jo. Be prepared. It’s a fascinating web site and you may be there for awhile!

Now that you’re all organized – how about some inspiration? Click on over to the amazing web site of artist Carlton Hibbert and check out his downloadable designs! I definitely see some ideas for quilting here. (Please note, all patterns are copyrighted by the artist, and are for personal use only.) Of course, they’d also be fun for their intended purpose – to print off and color!



Thanks to everyone who gave me permission to use their photos (Yes, I do always ask). And I hope I gave you a few things to keep you busy or have some fun with. Now that my “share this” list is clear – I’m off to my quilt room!


Antia said...

I love those baskets and have been meaning to make a few of those. Great idea to make a hook to go along with them!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I have been on the lookout for colorful sheets. There have been several blogs sharing how they quilt with vintage sheet fabric. I also found some wonderful Designer skirts (usually a size 4) at the thrift stores for $1. I am planning on repurposing the fabric into bags. Many of the skirts are large floral prints.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Well, with this list of fascinating websites to check out, I guess no one will get any quilting done today except you! lol

sewmeow said...

Love the basket totes idea! Visit my blog for my first FREE giveaway!

Carlton said...

Thanks for adding my pattern site to your post. Great blog!