Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quilt with your Inner Geek

Project Runway’s Season 2 designer Diana Eng is an admitted Geek. When I saw this video of Diana demonstrating how to combine LED lights with an embroidery project, the “inner geek” (and grandmother to a child who loves robots) in me immediately thought – quilt blocks, tote bags, fun wall hangings for a child’s room. Oh, the possibilities!

My “Geeky” formula…

Watch this


Add this +


Capture Robot

You can find these downloadable, printable quilt block patterns at Free Spirit Fabrics web site.

Add some of this +

Robot panel and fabric from

robotpanel Robots

Equals =

…a quilt that will truly speak to the Inner Geek in you! You can find all the electronic parts (including conductive thread) at Sparkfun Electronics web site (or possibly your local Radio Shack!).


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