Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Modern Wonky Scrap Quilt Tutorial

WONKY : Pronunciation [wong-kee] –adjective

Related Words: askew, awry, cockeyed, lopsided, skew-whiff

You've seen them, you've admired them, you've thought about creating one - but haven't quite gotten up the nerve. They are called Wonky Quilt Blocks which turn into Wonky Quilts. For traditional quilters, “wonky” and quilting just don’t mix – until recently.

In a wonky quilt block, the science of exact fabric cutting is thrown out the window, and "cut it until it fits" is in. For some quilters, that’s a tough step to take. But when you watch this step-by-step, easy-to-understand video tutorial from the Sketchbook Maggie’s web site, you might just want to grab some scraps and give it a go.

YouTube Video by alexanderwhyme. Direct link to video here.

(Go visit SketchBook Maggie’s web site – check out her FREE PATTERNS for two more beautiful, albeit more traditional, quilts called Shannon’s Diamond Jelly Roll Quilt and Paddy’s Chain)

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