Thursday, April 2, 2009

DIY Ideas for the Quilt Room

If you’re handy with tools (or have someone in your house who is…) here are some great DIY projects for your quilt room.


It’s less expensive to buy thread for your sewing by the cone. But many sewing machines are not equipped to handle these large cones, which can cause problems with tension and thread tangling. If you try to simply run the thread from the cone directly to your sewing machine, the thread will catch and not unravel properly, again causing lots of problems with tension and tangling.

The solution? A thread cone holder that is placed behind your sewing machine. The thread cone holder normally has a long arm that brings your thread up to top of your sewing machine, allowing you to thread the machine as you normally would.

Here from Instructables is step-by-step directions for making your own cone holder.

Thread Stand for Sewing Machines - More DIY How To Projects

An inexpensive alternative from



This ironing station is my own creation. I purchased an assemble-yourself kitchen island at IKEA on sale for $49.00. (Sorry, it’s not on sale now – price is now $99.) Before my Handy Guy in Residence assembled it for me, I cut a layer of batting, a layer of insulbrite and a layer of muslin about two inches larger than the top itself, wrapped it around the top, and simply stapled it all firmly in place. If the muslin gets dirty, I can easily remove it and place it with new. Not only does this serve as a great large ironing surface, but I have all my UFO’s tucked on the shelves underneath, and ironing supplies in the two drawers. The cart has wheels on one end, so it can easily be pulled to the center of the room if needed.



Where do you get inspiration for your next quilt? A magazine photo, an internet print-out, a photo of colors in your garden? Wherever you find inspiration, here’s an inexpensive way to create your own inspiration wall for your quilt room.


Step by step instructions can be found on the PoopScape web site. (Photo with permission.)


You may have seen this video on QOB before, but it is well worth repeating here. Marguerita McManus, author of the wonderful quilting book Crazy Shortcut Quilts, did this great video on how she created a table for her sewing machine so the bed of her sewing machine is even with the top of the table. Everyone who machine quilts knows how essential a large flat surface is to even, steady quilting!


Tina said...

Hi, Joan!
Love these ideas - I will have to make the cone thread holder - I decided to look into buying thread on the cones. I am (still) waiting for DH to get my big board made for my ironing station....I just posted some new pictures of quilt room on my blog. And I absolutely love the flat surface. I am planning on trying that too, ever since you posted it the last time!

MMM said...

Hi Joan, You are my FFQ - Favorite Frugal Quilter! Thank you for the mention of my cheap sewing/quilting table! ~Marguerita :)

Kelly said...

I love your ironing table! What a great idea!!!!! Sadly until the children move out I don't have room for something like that, but as I was installing new flooring in my daugher's room I did start thinking about what a great quilting room it will make one day! I love her, but I do know she will move out one day.

Rashida Khanbhai said...

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