Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Be Patient and You May Get that Quilt Book for Free

In late 2008, I decided I wanted a copy of “The Quilter’s Catalog” by Meg Cox. I’d seen her being interviewed on television, I’d read reviews of the book, and it definitely sounded like it would be useful to own. My local library, unfortunately, did not have a copy, so I headed to to see if I could find a copy there.

No luck.

However, does have a “Wish List” feature, where you can list titles you’d like to own. You have a choice between being notified when a title comes in (is listed by another swapper), or having it sent to you automatically. I knew I wanted the book, so I placed it on automatic mailing. And then I forgot about it.

To my surprise, a package arrived in the mail yesterday with my crisp, clean copy of “The Quilter’s Catalog”! For Free!

If you don’t know about, it’s a great service. You sign up (free), then list 10 books you want to “sell”. You don’t have to list quilt books – you can list paperbacks, romance novels, any book (including audio books) that have an ISBN number. Listing is easy – you simply type in the ISBN number – no descriptions, no photos necessary. Once you list your 10 books, you receive two “credits”. These credits can then be used to “buy” books from other PBSwappers. Yes, it’s THAT easy.

When someone wants one of the books you listed, you wrap it up, put appropriate postage on it (printable postage is available on PBSwap), and mail it off. When it is received, you get another credit. Since PBSwap allows Media Mail postage rates, the shipping cost is low – usually under $2.00.

When you find a book you want, you “buy” it by spending one credit. You do NOT pay postage for the books you “buy”. It is always the lister of the book who pays the postage.

It is that easy.

Once you’re a member, if you see a quilt book (or any book) you’d love to own, but don’t have the funds for, head over to and add it to your “Wish List”. When that title becomes available it will be shipped to you automatically – with no shipping fees involved!

You’ll find quilt and sewing books on, each for one “credit”. You’ll also find audio books, most listed for two credits. My only warning is to watch the publishing date of any quilt books you “buy” – some are old enough to be pre-rotary cutter days and unless you’re into cutting templates or piecing by hand, you may not be happy when the book arrives. Every title, however, has a description and a publisher year. Look for titles printed 1998 and later to be sure the directions are in line with current techniques. - Our online book club offers free books when you swap, trade, or exchange your used books with other book club members for free.

Full disclosure: If you click on any of these PBSwap links and join, I will get a credit. But I’m not writing this post to get credits – I’m writing it to tell you about another great budget deal!


Bebesboutique said...

I belong to the paperback swap web site! I love it. It is easy and I have recieved some good books. A new Stephen King book I did not even know he had written. I did not know about the link and getting credits, good deal!

Tina said...

Joan - You pointed me there a good while back - and I love it! I have sent and received MANY books.

I am very surprised you finally got your wish book. I bought that on Amazon - because I REALLY wanted it - and I do not regret it. It is an excellent reference book - I have had it for some time, but still have not gotten through everything. I will not be putting that book on paperbackswap. Too important to keep. I have marked many pages to be sure I can find what I want to go back and review again! ENJOY!