Saturday, February 21, 2009

Name brand quilting threads at reduced prices

The Quilting on a Budget Yahoo group has been having an interesting discussion on the use of less expensive threads vs. "name brand" threads - the benefits and drawbacks of each.

So it is timely to find that Superior Threads is currently offering a "Try Me Special". They offer a wide variety of high quality threads including King Tut, Bottom Line, So Fine, and more. These top quality threads are offered at an affordable price as a way of allowing you to try out the threads to see what you do (or don't) like. Read the descriptions of each thread, as some are limited to a quantity of 5 or less at this price. You choose the quantity, they choose the colors in this introductory offer. Also in this "Try Me Special" are pre-wound L and M bobbins, glitter and metallic threads, and Sunburst Thread - which is sunlight activated color changing thread, as well as "Dissolve" - water soluble stabilizer. Click here to see all of these great sale items.

If you're looking for more bargains in threads, make sure to check out the LongCreek Mills web site. They are currently offering 5000M cones of 100% high quality cotton 50 wt quilting thread for just $3.00! You can view this sale here. And if you buy thread by the cone, you may also want to check out their commercial grade heavy metal cone thread stand, normally $33.95, on sale for $.9.59!

Thread Art
is also having a sale on 1000M spools of 100% long staple, mercerized cotton 50/3 ply thread for both hand and machine quilting. This thread comes in 40 different shades, and is on sale for $1.59 per spool. You can view this sale here. This sale ends 02/27.


free indeed said...

Has your yahoo group got any input for either the superior threads or the longcreek mills ones? I don't want to be stuck with breaking fuzzing thread if someone else can steer me in the right direction?

Joan said...

I responded to you privately, but want to answer here as well. I have purchased many threads from LongCreek Mills and always been happy with their product and their customer service. I have used the King Tut and Bottom Line threads that Superior is offering and these are truly high quality threads. I like the Bottom Line for my machine quilting. I think you can feel safe from ordering from either web site and expect to receive a top quality product.

Melodie said...

I've been using longcreek mills thread, and I'm very happy with it. Right now I'm piecing with it, thanks to that commercial grade cone holder Joan has a picture of up. I happy with the cone holder as well, and I'm debating on ordering a second one.