Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Exceptional deals on lighting for the Quilt Room

Whether you do hand applique, hand quilting, or simply sit at your sewing machine at night, good lighting is imperative to every quilter.

When it comes to lighting, brighter isn't always better. Bright light sources reveal vibrant colors but also cause a harsh glare, causing the eye muscles to squint. Other light sources reveal high contrast so that edges of objects appear clear, but the drawback is distorted color. Also, the more intense the light, the more energy is used, generating more heat.

OttLite offers a unique solution to this problem. OttLite lighting is expertly engineered with 508 technology to bring the quality of High Definition Natural Lighting™ indoors, providing the ideal balance of brightness and contrast. The result is reduced glare, less eyestrain, and low heat.

OttLite lighting systems combine this cutting edge technology with features such as articulating shafts, adjustable shades and achromatic coating to supply illumination precisely where you need it.

Compare an OttLite side by side with an ordinary light and the result is extraordinary. See the difference with your eyes…and experience the difference in your ability to work longer, happier and more comfortably.

OttLites have long been hailed by quilters and crafters as the perfect lighting to do hand or machine sewing, but is often out of our budget range. Until today!

ott1The OttLite web site is having a “web special” on some of the best OttLite’s for quilters and crafters. For example, this desk lamp sits up to 19 inches high and offers all the benefits of the OttLite high definition natural lighting… and the price is $49 – for TWO LAMPS! Put one next to your sewing machine, and a second next to the chair where you do your hand work.


Another exceptional offer is this OttLite floor lamp. Timeless styling and exquisite details combine in this update of the classic pharmacy lamp. Swing arm with tilting shade conveniently extends for ideal viewing comfort. 45 to 56 inches tall. Priced at $99! But here’s the deal – get a second OttLite free ($119 value)! That’s right, you get the Wing Shade Floor lamp for free – and with FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING!

You can find all these deals available on the OttLite web site. They do not state on the site how long these offers are available.

No affiliation – just bringing you a good deal when I see it!


Tina said...

I have a floor standing OttLite. I love it. I use it when cutting - gives very good light, and since you can place it over where you are cutting, shadows are reduced and the lineup of ruler to fabric is much more accurate. I also like to use it to read....

Joan said...

I've ordered two of these, and I can't wait. I have difficulty counting stitches when I knit because of poor lighting in our family room. I'm excited about getting these lights!

Linda said...

I have been using an Ott Lite for a little over a year now and I LOVE it. :) I got one that has a little magnifying glass which is great for picking out stitches when needed and also for reading those tiny markings on my machine needles since I am terrible at remembering which one I have in the machine at any given time. LOL

Teri said...

Winning this lite would be so AWESOME. Since, I have been having the same problem that you were talking about with the knitting, cross stitching and hand work with the light that I have currently. This would make such a great prize and gift for myself. I hope that I win.
Your blog is awesome, I will have to keep in touch and see what I might learn. Thanks for your time in doing your blog and for the giveaways that you offer.
Happy Quilting!