Sunday, January 11, 2009

A new year - and new free Quilting BOMs

The start of the new year is normally also the start of new BOM's (Block of the Month series) online. Each month a new block is posted by the designer, and you complete that block before the next month's block is posted. This is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to new techniques, without the pressure of an entire quilt in front of you all at once. If you choose a BOM you want to do, don't forget to write down the web address so you can find it again! (Don't laugh -- this happened to me!)

Here is a list of free BOMs for you to consider:

I always admire the symmetry and simplicity of Amish quilts. Here's an Amish inspired BOM that just started this month:

Do you love applique? Here's a beautiful BOM done all in red, lots of applique (so far). She may have taken down Block 1. Each BOM is available only until the 15th of the month.

A little more challenging, but wow - what a beautiful quilt! Called "A Study of Stars" and brought to you by The Quilt and Needle. This is a 2008 BOM, but it's still being posted and gives no date that they're taking it down.

Another applique BOM -- and beautiful! This one comes from the Netherlands, and it is in Dutch but hey - you can download the blocks and figure
out basic applique for yourself!

Here's a 2008 Block of the Month Sampler Quilt - what a great way for a beginner or advanced beginner to learn new skills!

And while you're at Delaware Quilts, do check out her tutorial on String Blocks and great variations of putting a string block quilt together:

Fat Cat Patterns if offering a free Bird House BOM. Block patterns will be available for two months only, and January is up now.

Here's a BOM that starts in Febuary '09 - Called a 9-patch Spool Sampler. Before the first block is posted, she gives you fabric requirements
(though this would be a pretty scrap quilt too!)

Ooooo...I may have to do this one. I've never done a Row Quilt before and this one looks interesting. Another good way to use up scraps, one row
at a time! Row 1 for January is posted.

"Country Cups" is the name of this 2009 BOM. Might be for the more advanced appliquer, but it sure is pretty! New block posted the first week of
each month. Only the current month's block will be offered for free.

Block Central has a new BOM for 2009 called "Memory Lane". Very traditional quilt blocks and a quilt I'm sure you will be proud of upon
completion. January's block is posted.

Debbie Mumm is offering a 2009 BOM called "Natural Wonders". You'll make 9.5" square sampler blocks each month using a variety of piecing
and applique techniques. Blocks will stay up throughout the year.

BOM Quilts is offering a good sampler quilt for beginners that gives you a nice variety of easy traditional blocks. Instructions for both baby and
twin size quilts. January is posted.

The Quilter's Guild of Plano TX is offering a Basket block BOM. Some very pretty baskets here! This BOM started in mid-2008, but all blocks are
still available.

Do we have any hand-embroider'ers in our membership? Join me (yes, I do hand embroidery) in this very sweet BOM from the Netherlands
(though she also posts in English). The series is called "Once Upon a Time". I love the first one - you embroider a tower, then add braided yarn for Rapunzel's hair hanging out the window! January's block is posted.

And another BOM for the hand embroider-ers -- very simple, very sweet. The first block is posted.

Nancy Rink Designs is offering a beautiful, traditional block BOM. The series began in July '08, but all blocks are up and active.



Anonymous said...

Here's another applique BOM, from Bunny Hill Designs:

It's so adorable, I'm thinking about learning to applique just so I can do this BOM!

The Calico Quilter said...

Oh, you're killin' me here! I got addicted to the BOMs last year and had SWORN I wouldn't start another one until all my projects are completed. The I see Esther Aliu's Myster BOM and resolve goes out the window!

Valerie said...

I wanted to put in a plug for Joanna's free BOM "Come on Over to My House".

It's a great series of pieced houses with a lot of possibilities for the final layout.