Sunday, December 21, 2008

Recycle holiday items for your Quilt Room

Although you may not make it back into your quilt room/sewing area until the holidays are over, don't forget about your quilting completely! Here's a few tips for you:

-- When unwrapping gifts, watch for good boxes, baskets and bags that you can later use to organize your scraps and projects.

-- Save cardboard gift wrapping tubes - you can wrap the tube in white tissue paper and use it to store or even mail wallhangings or other smaller quilt projects.

-- Ordering pizza on a chaotic evening? Ask if they'll send you one extra unused pizza box for free -- great way to store completed quilt blocks and projects.

-- Making eggs for breakfast for a crowd? Save the egg cartons -- those little "cups" are a great way to store bobbins on your sewing table!

-- Is your company going through a lot of cereal in the morning? Save those large cereal boxes, cut the sides at an angle, cover with pretty fabric and use them for magazine storage!

-- Styrofoam meat trays make excellent little trays to place next to your sewing machine to keep seam rippers, small scissors, screw drivers handy.

-- Watch electronic gifts for packaging -- they often come with big chunks of styrofoam or non-static bulk packaging -- you can cut these into smaller pieces, pop them into the bottom of a vintage teacup or small planter, cover with batting and fabric -- and have a gorgeous vintage looking pincushion!

-- Receive a blanket, sheet set or anything else that comes in a zippered vinyl bag? Save that bag for future quilt and project storage!

-- Watch for decorative ribbons, ties, sparkles and glittery baubles -- great embellishments for future projects!

-- Receive a lot of new sweaters for Christmas? When you clear out your old sweaters (or any other knit items), watch for 100% wool items that you can later felt yourself for future wool applique (and other) projects. Felting is actually VERY easy!

Remember - the best things in a quilting life are FREE!

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