Monday, December 8, 2008

Last minute sewing gift ideas

It's time to face it -- you're probably not going to get those last 15 full-sized quilts done that you want to give for Christmas gifts this year! So let's take a look at some other fabric / sewing gift ideas that you still have time to complete!

Fabric placemats - make one in about a half hour

Calico Christmas ornaments

How about an oven mitt and matching apron? (tutorials included)

This jeans apron is cute!! Made from jeans leg - tutorial

Traditional Mama-san Japanese Apron (blouse-style) - tutorial

Now THIS is a different way to use up your scraps!
Braided Watch Band
(photo from

Bedside Caddy

Need a gift for a Secret Sister*? Here's a quick, useful gift:
Clothes dryer fragrance pad

Or how about a "simple easy pincushion"?

I think teens are the hardest to buy for -- unless you're ready to fork over big $$$s for the ipods and the video games and Blackberries!. But, depending on the fabric you use, this fabric bulletin board would be a great gift for either a teenager girl (fabric choices almost unlimited) or a teenage boy (fabric with a sports motif, music motif, etc.)

Fabric Bulletin Board

Or sew an iPod case for your favorite teen!

And I love love love (and want want want) this digital camera case. Photo from

Are you giving gift cards this year? How about this quick little wallet to make that gift card seem more special? I've made a wallet for my grandson out of McDonald's fabric -- with a McDonald's gift card inside.

There's a million free wallet patterns on the 'net, but here's a cute cute cute one I've not seen before -- a piggy bank wallet!

Use up those itty bitty fabric scraps with this easy scrap Christmas ornament - your kids could help with this one!

I happen to think there should be a stuffed monster in every stocking this year. These are too cute and too easy to pass up! Tutorial included.

Here's a quick and easy gift suitable for almost anyone! It's been around for awhile now -- but always a nice gift to receive. Pillowcases - with tutorial

I have this one on my personal blog because I full intend on creating these with my grandson when he's here on Wednesday. All you need is some white felt and a sewing machine that has decorative stitches to make these absolutely adorable Christmas ornaments. My machine does lettering as well, so we're going to use these as gift tags. Too cute and too easy!

That's it for today - Have fun!

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