Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Quilt & Sewing Patterns - Christmas gifts

Today, I decided to focus on real scrap quilts -- and by "scrap quilt" I mean those quilts that have blocks or patterns that allow you to use almost any color fabric in your scrap bag, and come out with a beautiful finished quilt.... or any quick gift item that will use up your scrap fabric.

Free Quilt Patterns:

Moda has some beautiful new patterns, but these really appeal to me as a true scrap quilt. Now, you will see that Moda recommends a certain line of their fabrics (of course), but try to see each of these done as a scrap quilt with no rhyme or reason to the fabrics you choose (except for a neutral background fabric):

1974 -

1974 Revival -



And here are more "scrap quilt" patterns from other manufacturers:

Playdate - great for those 30 Repro fat quarter scraps

Use up some of your solid scraps in this gorgeous "crazy quilt"

Already have your scraps cut into strips? This is the perfect fast quilt for you!
Legacy -

Made from 4-patches, rectanges and a few squares, this is definitely a fast quilt and would be stunning done as a true scrap quilt: Paisley Party -

Other scrap fabric patterns:

Of course, we're not going to whip out a dozen or two quilts in time for Christmas present (at least, I'm not!). So here are some alternatives -- great stashbusters you can give as presents:

How about sewing up some decorations for your own home for the holidays? Here's a very sweet tablerunner placemat combo that would be gorgeous done in scraps from your green and red piles!

Have some leftover double quilted fabric? Embellish it with embroidery, beadwork, applique and you have a wonderful gift bag for a bottle of wine:

Some sweet fabric baskets or "casserole cozies". Who wouldn't love to decorate their kitchen with these?

Have you ever thought of quilting a shawl or scarf? Me either! But made from one or two colors of scraps, they'd be stunning and what a great gift! :

Here's a great step by step tutorial on making a fabric wallet -- much easier than it sounds, believe me! And a great way to use up those fat quarters that just don't seem right for your quilts:

Almost everyone these days has a digital camera - so who doesn't need a sweet case to carry it in? Here's another tutorial for a quick project that uses up some of your stash that might not fit anywhere else:

Another tutorial - how to make your own dog or snake draft excluder (you know - those long stuffed thingies you put at the bottom of your door to stop cold winter drafts from coming in?) - Too Cute!

OK - who needs an very inexpensive but very impressive Teacher's gift?? Head to WalMart and buy a Composition Notebook for .99, and then look over this tutorial for a patchwork notebook cover. I've made several of these and they are quick, easy and impressive when finished! Great gift for the office-peeps or Secret Santa's, as well!

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Anonymous said...

Oh BOY! I have been looking for the tree pattern for a while and so glad that you had it! I also am happy to have found the Shawl pattern. I have a quilting buddy that is always wearing a shawl and this will be the perfect thing as a Christmas gift for her. I had never thought there was such a thing but I am sure that she will wear it with pride!