Monday, November 3, 2008

Fabulous and frugal sewing table for quilters

Marguerita McManus, author of Crazy Shortcut Quilts, dropped me an email to tell me about a new YouTube video she thought the Quilting on a Budget group and readers would be interested in. I've seen photos of the table before, but this video shows exactly how she built it, with an inexpensive folding table and supplies from the local home building store!

Then she created a second video, showing how to use the same table that offers extra space in front of your sewing machine for machine quilting large quilts on your home sewing machine.

While on YouTube, I checked out Marguerita's demo video of her book, Crazy Shortcut Quilts. As an owner of a sewing machine that has hundreds of "fancy" stitches that I never seem to use, this book looks fascinating! It uses your machine's decorative stitches to "quilt as you go" so when your project is finished, it doesn't need to be quilted! Sounds like a great time-saver to me!