Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guest Post - Staying on Track

I'm very pleased that Beth Dargis of My Simpler Life agreed to write a post for us today. Beth is a "Simplicity Coach", appropriate because in organizing our quilt rooms, we're actually trying to SIMPLIFY our "stuff" by decluttering what we don't need and organizing what we do need, with the result being the ability to walk into our quilt room at any time and find the tools and fabric we need easily accessible and ready to work on a project. So here is our first GUEST POST -- hope you enjoy it and I hope it motivates you to keep going with your quilt room reorganization!



I am so impressed with how you have been working on your quilting rooms.

We are about the half way point now. And it's easy to say, "My room is looking better. I'll just quit for now." Or maybe you are discouraged because your room isn't as far along as you had hoped.

Don't quit yet! If your room isn't where you want it yet, just 15 minutes or even just 5 minutes a day will make a difference if you keep at it. Every effort is worth it.

How does it feel to have accomplished what you have so far?

Some tips to stay on track

- Pick a time to play with decluttering and organizing your room. It's easier if you have a time slot committed.
- Remember your vision of the quilting room you would love to have.
- Every time you work on your room look at what you accomplished at the end of the time and feel the sense of accomplishment. So many of us rush to the next project without enjoying what we have already done.
- Your room is a space for you to creatively work in. If it is too cramped you can't do what you want to do easily. Remember the whole reason for organizing your space.
- Other people may want the projects and materials that no longer interest you, don't keep them to yourself.
- Make it fun - put on some music, invite a friend over, do a timer challenge and see how much you can get done in 5 minutes.
- Decide not to go on the computer or watch TV until you've decluttered or organized your room for a certain amount of time.
- If you feel yourself getting anxious while decluttering, stop and breathe. Then ask yourself what the real issue is. We hold on to things for a variety of reasons - we don't want to get rid of a project because we feel like a failure for not finishing, or we feel like we are lacking and want to hold on to everything, etc.
- If you feel overwhelmed, just pick up one thing. Look at it and make a decision. Then go on to the next thing. In a tight spot, call a friend or post at the blog and they can help you decide.
- Carry a notebook with you, so when you think of a new idea or thing to do you can write it down instead of rushing off to do it.

Won't it be wonderful to have an organized quilt room so you can make those Christmas gifts?

Beth Dargis