Friday, June 12, 2009

Take Stitch in the Ditch one step further with this easy quilting method

A lucky click on my computer brought me the to turning*turning web site the other day. It’s a visually beautiful site by an amazingly creative woman, Mal, who is gracious enough to allow me to share a one of her photos along with a description of a quilting method she exhibited on her blog. But don’t just hop over to her blog for the quilting, take time to actually read her blog.  Her philosophy on the small things in life, being creative, quilting and more is extraordinary. I loved reading how the “slow, soothing process of stitching hexagons is my way of processing adult relationships with my siblings,” for example. Or her input on the reasons for finding time to be creative in daily life. One of my new favorite sites to visit.

On to the quilting…

The quilt (actually, a mini quilt):


The quilting – front. Yellow lines show the sewing lines she used as an easy alternative to stitch in the ditch:


The quilting – back. See how easy this is?


turning*turning describes this method as follows: The shape is almost like a 4-leafed clover, with intersection-points in the center of each cartwheel. You can start at any point on the motif and quilt in a continuous line until you reach that point again. Equally suitable for machine or hand quilting.

Try this easy, fast method on your next quilt – and with all the time you have left, grab a cup of coffee and bring your wireless laptop out on the deck, settle back, and enjoy some fine, thought provoking reading at turning*turning.


Mal* (turning*turning) said...

I'm so flattered by these kind words, and glad that you've found something useful to pass along to others! If people try this method, I hope they'll stop back and let us know. I'm always interested in how the process goes for others.

Glad to have found your blog through our emails. Keep up the good work!

gail said...

Thank you so much for your blog...I can not express how much I have enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!! just me gail

Natalia said...