Monday, January 5, 2009

Some interesting Fabric Math

A new term caught my eye today. "Pendant Packs". I've heard of Jelly Rolls, I've heard of Charm Packs, but I hadn't heard of Pendant Packs before. They are a set of six different ten-inch squares from a particular line of fabric.

When I was done wondering how I could incorporate six ten-inch squares into a quilt, I decided to do some math. Exactly how much is it costing you to have someone else do your cutting for you?? Here's some information you might find helpful!! The prices I used are "average" -- some sites may have them at a slightly higher price, some slightly lower, but these prices seemed to be the norm.

40 strips $30.00
2.5 inches x 40 inches (WOF)
14 strips per yard
2.7 yards per roll
$11.11 per yard

45 5 x 5 inch squares $9.69
1 yard = 56 5" squares
45 squares = .8 yard
$11.62 yard

18 10 x 10 inch squares $19.80
12 10 x 10 = 1 yard (30 x 40)
18 = 1.5 yards
$13.20 per yard

You may also find this helpful:

What can you get from a Fat Quarter?
99- 2 " squares
16- 4 1/2" squares
50- 2 1/2" squares
12-5" squares
42- 3" squares
12-5 1/2" squares
30- 3 1/2" squares
9- 6" squares
20- 4" squares
6- 6 1/2" squares


Michele McLaughlin said...

Wow! LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!! I never did the math but that sure sheds a different light on the fabric industry. Thanks for doing the math, I always wondered what it would come out to (never really thought it was much of a bargain though). Thanks Joan!
Mickie in PA

Beth said...

Wow, I never would have guessed it...I should have done the math.

From now on only convenience cuts on sale or fat quarters and yardage!

Denise Felton said...

Great info! I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog later this morning (Central USA time). I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


Tanaya said...

Good to know! I guess for me, even with the higher cost, it is still worth it so that I can have a bit from every piece in a collection. If I were to buy a 1/4 yard of each piece and cut it myself it would add up to a much higher price. - Of course, that is just the fabric hoarder in me talking! :)

Threeundertwo said...

I'm glad somebody finally sat down and did this. I try to restrain myself when I buy these, but it is fun to have a little bit of every fabric in a collection if it's a fabulous collection. Otherwise, it's easier to get the ones I love the most and cut my own squares and strips.

MaryLu said...

GReat tips, Joan!! Ouch! Makes me wish I'd never purchased that adorable had to have it, Mary Englebriet fabric pack!
My store calls the ten inch stacks, "Layer Cakes." They also have eight inch squares called "cup cakes."

Anonymous said...

That is really interesting. As someone who sells fabric, I didn't even know that, and had never done the math.

However, I would compare it to what it would cost to buy the minimum yardage of the number of prints you could get in a jelly roll or charm pack. I think you end up spending less by buying the pack, even though it is more money per yard.

Love the fat quarter chart, I will have to save that for my own use.

IamSusie said...

This is very interesting but the thing is that with the jelly rolls you get every single fabric from a collection and you can't usually find that if you look for yardage or fat quarters.

Anonymous said...

Always thought "the easy way out" was the most expensive but you sure proved it!! Yardage is more fun to buy anyway. :-) Thanks for doing the math!

Suze said...

Wow! Thanks for doing the math.

The Calico Quilter said...

I have bought jelly rolls on sale and find that they are useful for turning out a quick project, but the sale has to be BIG - under $20.00 for a jelly roll or I'm not playing. The irritation of jelly rolls is that pinked edge, which makes sewing an accurate 1/4" seam harder (at least for me). BTW, Moda calls their 10" x 10" packs Layer Cakes, which I thought was cute. They're making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

I liked your calculations but in switzerland yardage is way maore expensive so the charm packs really are worth the cash you spend even when you add postage. but I like the assortment available in the charm packs that iwouldn't necessarily buy a whole fat quarter or yardage of but are great little accent pieces. but it is interesting to see how much I could get from certain yardages for special projects.

Unknown said...

The website Connecting Threads have all of these cuts and they are much cheaper. It's a nice quality fabric, not quite as nice as Moda, but certainly not cheesy. They charge $17.99 for 36-49 count jelly rolls. And the nicest thing about them is that you can view all the fabrics that are in the packs and you can buy the yardage of the material as well. Their service is very good as well. I've bought JR, LC & charms (other than Moda) from Ebay and have not been at all pleased with the fabric.