Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is You Quilt Room a Landing Spot for Family Clutter?

Years ago when my children were young, I read an article on "The Broken Window Theory". The theory is that in any neighborhood if one house has a broken window that isn't repaired in a timely fashion, other houses in the immediate area will soon start going downhill as well.

I looked at this in regards to our home -- and it was true! If one child left their shoes in the middle of the floor of the family room, soon more shoes would follow. If one child left his/her homework on the kitchen table, soon other papers would appear.

If you're using your quilt room/sewing area for a dumping ground for items that have no home, stop and think of "The Broken Window Theory." One non-quilting item meant for another room will soon be followed by more! If you're bringing items into your quilt room that don't belong, you are giving your family your unspoken permission to do the same.

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